Aman Azhar
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I'm an accomplished broadcast journalist with more than ten years of international journalism experience. I have worked with globally recognized news media brands including BBC World Service, VOA News, CNN-IBN and Dawn News to name a few.  I am skilled in the craft of broadcast and multimedia journalism including live on-camera reporting, hosting news and current affairs shows and an experienced producer adept at negotiating hostile environments.


I specialize in reporting on the intersection of climate crisis, political and policy environments, and how these entanglements exacerbate race relations, marginalize communities of color and hasten global migration. I also have several years of experience covering political and global affairs with focus on South Asia.


As international TV correspondent, I have been stationed in several countries across South & South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America. As a result, I have firsthand knowledge of comparative political environments in various news hotspots around the worlds including Afghanistan, Turkey, UAE and UK to name a few. I bring with me a network of well-placed sources from around the world.

I have won several meritorious awards, prestigious academic scholarships as well as citations. In 2013 I received UK government's Chevening Scholarship for graduate study in Britain and was invited to give talks on contemporary political culture at Imperial College London, SOAS, University of Durham to name a few.  

Academically groomed as media anthropologist and political scientist, I have advised the US Department of State on US-Pakistan relations and, separately, supported multilateral development agencies as an expert on media and communications. I enjoy photography and just as comfortable behind the lens as I am in front of the camera. 

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